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Recorded from October 2012-April 2013 in College Park and Bel Air, Md.
Art by Kyle Hinton.


released May 14, 2013

Everything: Daniel



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Wapinitia College Park, Maryland

it's #dark in here

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Track Name: Underachiever
Monday afternoon, we're just staring at my ceiling fan blades
The time to talk has passed so we lay intertwined
We stare at each other and simply shrug our shoulders
How did end up here? And How will we get out?

How? Oh, how? Oh how?
The secrets from our friends will never end
Running through the shadows and the parking lots
Trying to recapture the magic

It's another cloudy day, but I find another sun
The brighten up the ways we were one
Track Name: Second Place
You can go back to the gold sounds
But pretty soon they'll turn bronze
And there will be no silver
No second chance to save you
It's all in your head then
And you can't run away
It's all in your head then
You don't know what to run to

I'll return from isolation
And know nothing is where it was
I'm just chasing the sunset
I'm just chasing the ocean

I've seen everything I've won
And none of it glows gold
It's in that time I realize
I'll always be second place
Track Name: Embrace
I know it should have been me
I couldn't dare to take your hand
I knew I could've done it
But I just couldn't lift that weight
That has been sitting on my shoulders
Since the day I met you
Instead I let you walk away
It was the best I could do

I see you in my dreams and
I hope I will wake up next to you
But I know it's not possible
I'm moving
And too far away
The days are piling up
Between the times I see your face
I know when it's over
I'll always have your embrace
Track Name: Dark Blue
Drowning in the dark blue, I just watch you walk away
I reach out my hand for you, but I just keep sinking down

I thought that I could learn to swim
I thought it would be right
But I'm just back where I was
And I can't figure it out

Drowning in the dark blue, I try to swim away
But my mind just weighs me down, and I just lose the sound.

I thought that I could figure it out
What it was about
Now I thought I made mistakes
But I have already drowned

Drowning in the dark blue, I thought I'd hold your hand
But you just looked at me and said it couldn't be had

I guess that it's the way it is
I guess it's always right
I should just figure it out now
But I guess I'm gone

I guess I'm gone
Track Name: Change
Maybe this will be the one to finally make us change
Turn away and look away, then we'll rearrange

But I can't sleep alone at night
And I won't try to turn the lights back

Now that I'm older, it's time to change the pace
All of the other things that were in first place

And it might be too late
But I rest until the light

Even though it's over, we'll always remember where we are and who we were